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Brown Hound Bakery
& Coffee Shop
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Some food for catering
french toast and syrup

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Brown Hound Downtown is a bistro, bakery, bar, and caterer!

Brown Hound Bistro came to the MAG in 2016, bringing a decade of experience and expanded our offerings to include our bakery & coffeehouse, the Hound Lounge and catering services, along with our local, seasonal bistro fare. Enjoy dining in a unique & striking space within the Memorial Art Gallery.

The Culinary Team at the Hound combines skill, creativity & passion to bring to your table a unique and expertly prepared menu that is delightfully presented. We strive to reflect the quality & freshness that local producers offer. Our commitment to all things local led to the New York State of Mind: EAT award and three consecutive Willy Frank Awards for our Finger Lakes wine list. We are a member of the Pride of New York and Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty and have relationships with an ever growing list of small businesses within our region and NY State.

The Brown Hound brings a level of friendly, casual service that is always professional. Accommodating, courteous and efficient, the servers at the Brown Hound are light hearted and approachable. We work daily to be educated about all the elements of your experience so that we may satisfy your needs on every level.

Finally, in memory of the original brown hound, Henry, we are pleased to share our endless love of dogs, all colors and shapes!

Brown Hound is #10 Rochester Dating Location!

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